Why i love linux

Last problem i had with my gentoo distro was a error when doing a "make oldconfig" when i wanted to compile the 2.6.7 kernel.
After a few days of not finding a quick solution i saw no other option then merging glibc again, but since my gcc was broke and could not been re-emerged this could not been done.
So i decided to merge a binary package of glibc (2.3.3 was the only tbz2 i found). All my binaries where compiled against 2.3.4 (including grep for autoconf) which kinda broke my whole distro.
There was no other way of saving my system then installing 2.3.4 from a tbz2, but where to find it?
The answer was not to find one but to create one.
One might say this is thinking in circles ;-)
But a free partition and an stage2 file from gentoo is enough to create one (even without booting)

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